Dixie D’Amelio and David Dobrik Allegedly Went on a Date

Tiktok star Dixie D’Amelio made headlines when she claimed to have gone on a “date” with YouTuber David Dobrik. However, fans are not overjoyed with the news.

In 2022, she ended her long-term relationship with Noah Beck. According to news outlets, Noah cheated on her; however, the couple addressed the cheating rumours. Dixie had been single for a while, but her recent post has fans wondering if she is back in the game.

Dixie shared a photo of David sticking his tongue out in a very funny way on January 12th, captioning it, ‘On a date.’ Many speculate that the two of them are attempting to turn their wholesome friendship into a potential romance, but others are convinced that this is one of Dixie’s occasional practical jokes on everyone.


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