Kodak Black Criticizes Made In America Festival For Cancelling His Set

Kodak Black’s scheduled performance at the Made In America Festival on Saturday, September 3, had to be cancelled since he arrived so late, and the rapper is not happy about it.

In a video posted over the weekend on his Instagram Story, the Florida rapper stated, “Aye, Made In America, I don’t know what’s going on.” This is the first performance that a performer has ever been a little late for. Nothing of that garbage without money. Whoever is in charge here—Jay-Z, Roc Nation, Live Nation—whatever the fuck. Do better, my friend. This is the first performance that a na arrived a little bit late to, and bitch what the fuck? I have followers here who want to see a na! ”

He continued by expressing anger at the cancellation and threatening to sever ties with Live Nation and Mac Agency. Whoever the fuck y’all are, I no longer need you to perform in my shows. According to what he said in the video below, “I’m going to lock in and work on this record.

Later, he posted an image with a caption accusing the festival of underpaying him despite his late arrival. According to HipHopDX, he said, “MADE IN AMERICA SOME BULLSHIT.” Even though people paid for their tickets, they don’t care about fitting the artist on stage to accommodate fans. “IF DA ARTIST PULL UP LATE THEY KEEPIN ALL YA MONEY!” In the message, he also singled out Mac Agency and Live Nation.

On Saturday at 6:45 p.m. on the Liberty Stage at Made In America 2022, Kodak was initially set to perform. According to a source close to the festival, Kodak arrived just eight minutes before the end of his set was scheduled, and because of his late, they were unable to accommodate him without interfering with the other scheduled performances.


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