NBA YoungBoy Announces Baby #9 on the Release of “Purge Me”

Nick Cannon’s rival is NBA YoungBoy! At least it’s almost there. The rapper is expecting his ninth child, putting him one below Cannon in the number of children.

Through social media and a brand-new music video for his song “Purge Me,” NBA YoungBoy made his tenth child public.

The last image in the Instagram photo dump shows an engagement ring on a pregnant woman’s hand.

YoungBoy’s known mother, Jazlyn Mychelle, appears to be heavily pregnant. Given that they already share a child, neither party explicitly stated that they were adding to their family, but this video speaks for itself.

Jazlyn, who is clearly pregnant, appears in the song video and has a few steamy exchanges with YoungBoy. That will be really strange if that isn’t his child.

YoungBoy, who is only 22 years old, has at least eight kids with seven different women. The news that Nick is expecting his ninth child—his first with Brittany Bell, his ex—was officially announced last month. People on social media are currently equating YoungBoy with Cannon.

Youngboy has eight more kids; their names are Alice, Amarni, Kacey, Kamiri, Kayden, Kentrell, Kodi, and Taylin. The rapper gave the song the appropriate title, “Dangerous Love.”

Jazlyn Mychelle, in contrast, is a YouTube influencer and has her own following in addition to her well-known rapper boyfriend.

For her followers, she uploads beauty and lifestyle vlogs in addition to her roles as a model and influencer. Jazlyn has a child with the rapper, with whom she has been in a relationship for a while.

NBA YoungBoy supposedly bought his girlfriend Jazlyn a 30-carat diamond engagement ring in February 2022, igniting engagement speculations.

The jeweler’s post about the “NBA YoungBoy Engagement ring” and the gemstone that appears to be cradling the baby bulge have many similarities. Even though they haven’t told their followers, this suggests that the rapper has already got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, The Game recently gave him an incredible compliment.

Regardless of the controversy his contentious opinions may cause, The Game has never held back from voicing his opinion. The Young Boy Never Fail Again, the rap sensation claims that is the artist who most resembles the late hip-hop legend 2Pac and may have a similar impact. The Game predicted that the Baton Rouge native would become this generation’s 2Pac in an interview with Montreality. They share the same degree of grandeur and brilliance, not because he has the same style as 2Pac or can outperform him, tt.


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