Rihanna Attends Nobu in a Neon Yellow Set

Rihanna’s bright neon yellow ensemble is one of the most showy dinner costume options available. The new mother was pictured wearing a bright yellow Balenciaga ensemble while dining at Nobu in downtown New York City. She also had a strong red lip. When you want to dodge the paparazzi’s camera lights and your clothing is as colourful as they come, you accessorise with black sunglasses, as she did.

Since giving birth to her baby with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky in May, Rihanna hasn’t given an interview, but she did discuss the effect she hopes her child would have on her in April. She remarked, “[I know] they’ll teach me more than I could ever teach them. “And I want them to take a chance. I want to witness how kids develop and who they end up being in the world. Because I’m simply a passenger as well as the driver, I’m only here to keep them on the tracks.

She claimed that neither she nor Rocky had any plans to host a gender reveal celebration. She said, “We’ll just tell them when we’re ready to tell the world.”

She continued by saying that she had felt empowered to accept as many invitations as she could while pregnant. Because she knew things would be different on the other side of this, she admitted that she was even saying yes to more things now. “At first, I anticipated a magical transformation, but in reality, I have not changed. None of the dials have been depressed.


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