Rumor: Eminem, Carhartt, and Nike SB will collaborate

For Friends & Family only, Eminem launched one of the most sought-after versions of the Air Jordan 4 back in 2015. It is currently anticipated that the three-way partnership with Carhartt and Nike (NYSE:NKE +3.31%) SB will continue with a next release.

Despite the lack of release information, reports now state that a 2023 collaboration between Eminem, Carhartt, and Nike SB will be released. According to rumours, a black Nike SB Dunk Low will be made of durable materials that are inspired by Carhartt’s history of making workwear. The shoe’s design is also anticipated to include subtle co-branding components, akin to Eminem’s 2015 Jordan Brand collaboration release.

Watch this space for more information on the reported Eminem, Carhartt, and Nike SB collaboration.


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