John Fury, Tommy Fury’s father, discusses “good” conversations for a fight against Jake Paul in 2019

John Fury, Tommy Fury’s father, indicated that there had been fruitful discussions about holding a fight with Jake Paul next year.

Two times, Fury has come close to defeating Paul, with their first scheduled encounter last December ending when the Briton withdrew due to a broken rib. Paul attempted to reschedule his fight with Fury at Madison Square Garden earlier this year, but Fury was unable to fly to the US to compete in the match.

Both fighters now face different foes, and Fury will make a comeback when he faces Paul Bamba on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs. Deji.

However, Fury Sr. has stated that they plan to renew the match with Paul in 2019 and is open to his son accepting challenges from any other YouTube stars.

According to Fury Sr., he and his entourage had a conversation while watching the Joseph Parker vs. Joe Joyce fight. This information was provided exclusively to Mirror Fighting by “Everything was excellent. We will sit down to work it out and ensure that a deal will be completed this time because we want this to happen.

“The conflict is still very active. Consider Jake Paul; it’s what the audience wants. Tommy and Jake Paul are entertainment, and boxing is all about the entertainment industry.

“Jake Paul and Tommy provide amusement. Let them fight; they are both inexperienced fighters with egos the size of London. He must appear on specific shows because he is still a learning professional and needs experience. We’ll watch these YouTubers all day long. Jake Paul will be accommodated next year.”



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