Wrst Kid is Music’s Next Big Industry Plant?

After putting out his second single High-Tech Flow, Wrst kid has been on a rise in the music scene. The 19-year-old artist from LA, California has attracted industry’s biggest creators to react on his latest release with one of them being Charli D’amelio making a TikTok using Wrst Kid’s latest High-tech Flow.

About High-Tech Flow: The Hip-Hop/Rap song has a very catchy flow accompanied with deep vocals and great lyricism. This track is allegedly a diss track but gives a party mood type vibes with a dark side tint to it.

About Wrst Kid: According to some sources across the web, Wrst Kid is an alleged independent 19-year-old rapper based out of Los Angeles, California. He got inspired by Jake Paul‘s song Fresh Outta London in 2020 which led him to start writing his own songs.

Recently, RAP CZN’s latest headlines about Wrst Kid being an Industry Plant gained some mainstream attention and people are speculating if it’s true or not. Kid took to tweet quoting RAP CZN stating that he does all of this by himself and is truly an independent artist saying “No management, no label, no producer, no writer, no studio, no mic, no engineer, no editor, no cameramen. Just me, my phone, my knowledge and music.”

There is no other information about Wrst Kid present online other than he owns his publishing and marketing company called Sletiq Publishing and Mainstream LLC. But looking at Kid’s About Section on his Spotify Profile, we noticed that there is this copyright and publishing information at the end pointing “© ℗ 2023 Mainstream LLC, under exclusive license to Sletiq, a Division of CMG Recordings”.

Wrst Kid’s Spotify Bio

CMG can stand for many things but this gives us a hint that this 19-year-old artist is signed to the Capitol Music Group which is also headquartered in California. But we can only assume things and cannot come to a conclusion without any clear evidence.

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